Skytear - Cardboard Token Set - EN

Skytear - Cardboard Token Set - EN
Brand: PvP Geeks
Product Code: PVP20-A002-XX
EAN: 8058269030735
Category: PvP Geeks
License: PvP Geeks
Language: english
Product Type: Board Game & Extension

Level up your Skytear experience with this punchboard featuring 46 cardboard tokens:
6 outsider tokens to help you play Hunting for Power the new victory card from Into Ashes expansion that’s all about defeating the Outsider
36 minion tokens to make sure you will never run out of minions, especially if you like spawning them and your opponents don’t bother defeating them!
36 victory tokens (on the flip side of the minion tokens) to track each players score on victory cards like Tactician, The Tamer, Onslaught, etc…
4 Area of Effect templates, to help you determine exactly which hexes are being hit by your AoE’s
The punchboard is measuring 230x300x2 mm and is shrink wrapped with cellophane.