Feldherr foam tray set for HeroQuest - board game box

Feldherr foam tray set for HeroQuest - board game box
Brand: Feldherr
Product Code: FH58552
EAN: 4052526404752
Category: Feldherr
License: Feldherr
Product Type: Storage Box

For more than 30 years, the four brave disciples of the master sorcerer Mentor have been facing legendary challenges, wandering through the dark lands. And for more than 30 years they have been returning to their old plastic environment. Probably you can already see it on them.

To give your heroes a more comfortable place to retreat and prevent the chaos in the box from getting bigger than the chaos in the dungeon, we have the right foam set for your board game box.

The set fits exactly into the original 'HeroQuest' board game box from Milton Bradley.
Provides safe space for all 35 miniatures and all accessories from the core game.
The lid of the board game box protrudes approx. 1 cm.
The foam set consists of:

1 foam tray for miniatures and game material (CVMEKP055BO)
1 foam topper
The top rows of the foam insert are reserved for your heroes and the monsters. From Goblin to the winged Gargoyle, each of the 35 miniatures has its own compartment. The custom-fit cut ensures that nothing slips around during transport. Sensitive parts such as swords, scythes or wings are thus optimally protected from damage. If you have painted your models, you can be sure that the colors are still free from harm, like scratches or abrasion, after transport.

Tables, fireplace, weapons rack and all other furniture are also stored neatly and separately. Plastic and cardboard parts remain assembled in the compartment.

For the doors, on the other hand, we have two compartments for the cardboard doors (separated into open and closed) and 21 compartments for storing the bases.

There are still 3 compartments left for the remaining accessories. In one of them you have room for the six dice. Another compartment serves for placing the tiles. And, of course, there is also a card compartment with a finger-wide recess, which makes it easier to remove the stacks. It is of course also suitable for cards with sleeves.

After everything is safely and neatly stowed away, place the supplied foam topper on the insert so that the miniatures and accessories are completely surrounded by foam.

On the topper lies the game board, the booklets, the hero character cards, character sheets, and the information screen.

All 35 miniatures are safely stowed away and all accessories are neatly stored. With this, the Barbarian, the Dwarf, the Elf and the Wizard will be able to wander through the dungeons for at least another 30 years.

The foam tray has the dimensions: 495 mm x 310 mm x 55 mm total height (50 mm usable height + 10 mm foam base)
high-quality, fine pored foam
chlorine and acid-free
Made in Germany