Seastead - EN

Seastead - EN
Brand: WizKids/NECA
Product Code: WZK87521
EAN: 634482875216
Category: WizKids/NECA
License: WizKids/NECA
Language: english
Product Type: Card Game

Each turn, you will either dive to gain resources, or build a building from your player mat with your resources. Whenever you dive, you’ll draw a card with two different resource collections to choose from. Choose wisely, because whichever resources you don’t pick will go to your opponent! When you construct a building, you’ll add it to one of the four central flotilla tiles, opening up bonuses and abilities—just try to use them before your opponent can!
Easy to pick up and play – with clear iconography and simple rules, you’ll be able to learn and teach Seastead in the span of a lunch break
For two players with solo mode - Seastead is a head-to-head 2p experience with a solo mode included
Impressive and efficient table presence–With beautiful components, and without taking up a ton of space, Seastead is a perfect game for Cafés, lunchtimes, or date night!
High Replayability – Double-sided Flotilla tiles, a variety of Specialist cards, and multiple building paths create endless strategies to explore!

24 buildings
8 construction ships
4 double-sided flotilla tiles
4 demand tokens
18 Resource cards
35+ resource tokens
15+ cleanup tokens
12 dock tiles
16 specialist cards
16 decree cards
*Components not final

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