Ganymede - EN

Ganymede - EN
Brand: Lucky Duck Games
Product Code: SWAGAN01ML
EAN: 7111608241078
Category: Lucky Duck Games
License: Lucky Duck Games
Language: english
Product Type: Card Game

Each player plays the role of a corporation specialized in sending Settlers to colonize unexplored planets of
the galaxy. These corporations are looking for Settlers with different skills:
Blue Settlers work in marketing and communication: they make recruiting Settlers easier for corporations.
Red Settlers are expert leaders and competent managers: they help corporations organize Settlers to
suit their needs.
Yellow Settlers are engineers: they help Settlers travel faster.
Purple Settlers work in the social and healthcare sector: they are useful to increase corporations’
The first stage of the Settlers journey to infinity and beyond is the transfer to Ganymede, the largest of
Jupiter’s many moons and the launch site of the Settlers Ships.

30 “Settler” tiles, including 4 starting tiles
90 Cards, including:
- 30 “Earth Shuttle” cards
- 30 “Mars Shuttle” cards
- 30 “Settlers Ship” cards
52 Settler meeples (13 in each of the 4 colors)
4 Player boards
4 Reputation markers (wooden cubes)

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