Dale of Merchants 3 - EN

Dale of Merchants 3 - EN
Brand: Snowdale Design
Product Code: SWG201001
EAN: 718193999437
Category: Snowdale Design
License: Snowdale Design
Language: english
Product Type: Card Game

Dale of Merchants 3 is a stand-alone game which introduces 6 new animalfolk decks. It can be played by itself. However, it is even better when combined with other games from the Dale of Merchants series.

Each deck is themed around different animalfolks with a different gameplay focus and mechanics. For example, Sharing Short-beaked Echidnas borrow cards from other players while Prepared Grizzled Tree-kangaroos are good at protecting their own valuables.

Contents of the game
6 animalfolk decks, 15 cards per deck
Desert Monitors
White-headed Lemurs
Green Magpies
Short-beaked Echidnas
Snowshoe Hares
Grizzled Tree-kangaroos
20 junk cards
1 double-sided market game board
1 custom wooden die
1 detailed rulebook

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