The Everrain - DE

The Everrain - DE
Brand: Grimlord Games
Product Code: ER-CORE-DE
Category: Grimlord Games
License: Grimlord Games
Language: german
Product Type: Board Game & Extension

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There is a great evil coming. It will arrive and unmake the world, whether we choose to believe in its existence or not. Perhaps I am too late, and my discoveries only burden me with a knowledge of the inevitable….yet I cannot succumb to such invasive notions! Action must be taken, or a watery grave will be the shared fate of us all.”

The Everrain is a cooperative story driven exploration game 1-4 players. The world is drowning beneath an endless deluge of rain as an ancient deity awakens to remake the world in its image, and players must head out into this dark and foreboding seascape to discover the source of the Everrain and prevent it from unmaking the world.

Players must work together to advance the player track around the board by finding ancient relics, exploring the map and launching expeditions ashore. But the enemy is also on this track, and should they advance quicker than the player then the game will become harder as the Old One stirs from it's slumber.

Game Contains:

• 339 Cards
• 4 Player Dashboards
• 4 Enemy Dashboards
• 1 Game board
• 42 Miniatures
• 1 Port Tile
• 12 Avatar Cards
• 260 Tokens
• 8 Clip on bases
• 20 Game Tiles
• 15 Custom D6 Dice
• 1 D10 Dice
• 180 Gem counters
• 1 Rule Book

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