Starfinder Battles Starter Pack - Monster Pack

Starfinder Battles Starter Pack - Monster Pack
Brand: WizKids/NECA
Product Code: WZK99000
EAN: 634482990001
Category: WizKids
License: Starfinder
Language: english
Product Type: Game & RPG Miniatures

This set contains 6 miniatures that represent monsters from the Starfinder universe.

Set thousands of years in Pathfinder's future, Starfinder is a science-fantasy roleplaying game designed to bring you a whole new universe of adventure. Play alien races both new and familiar as you explore the mysteries of a ever expansive galaxy. Will you be an Android Operative fulfilling corporate contracts, or a plucky Y'soki Mechanic? A spellhacking Lashunta Technomancer, or a rakish Human Pilot? Uncountable worlds are waiting for you and your intrepid crew!

The world of Starfinder puts you and your friends in the role of a rag tag starship crew exploring the mysteries of a weird, science-fantasy universe.

The Monster Pack includes:

Aeon Guard
Diasporan Space Pirate
Patrol-Class Security Robot
Space Goblin Zaperator

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