Judge Dredd: SJS Judge Gerhart - EN

Judge Dredd: SJS Judge Gerhart - EN
Brand: Warlord Games
Product Code: 652410103
EAN: 5060572503526
Category: Judge Dredd
License: Warlord Games
Language: english
Product Type: Board Game & Extension

Box containing resin and Warlord Resin miniatures plus game components

This ex 'Special Judicial Squad' is half man/half machine.
With a chequered history he often found himself in confrontation with Judge Dredd
Box contains: 2 Warlord Resin SJS Judge Gerhart miniatures, 1 Warlord Resin Lawmaster bike, 2 Character cards, 1 Big Meg card: Stookie Glands and1 Armoury card: Frag Grenade