5th Edition Adventures: A11 - The Wasting Way - EN

5th Edition Adventures: A11 - The Wasting Way - EN
Brand: Troll Lord Games
Product Code: TLG19313
EAN: 9781931275910
Category: Various
License: Troll Lord Games
Language: english
Product Type: Gamebook

The Grausamland, a gray mire of marsh, bogs, sluggish creeks, and deep pools, stands a barrier to those who would enter the fell towers of Aufstrag. A thousand square miles of impenetrable swamp peopled by monsters great and small. But it is bridged by a road, only a little less dangerous than the swamp itself. And to come to the gates of Auftrag, to free the Lady of Garun or to plunder its wealth, one most cross the Wasting Way. Timid hearts have no songs. A high-level adventure for a party of 3-6 characters. Play as stand-alone or part of a larger series.