Malifaux 3rd Edition - Friendly Faces - EN

Malifaux 3rd Edition - Friendly Faces - EN
Brand: Wyrd Games
Product Code: WYR23709
EAN: 812152032293
Category: Wyrd Games
License: Wyrd Games
Language: english
Product Type: Tabletop

Over the years, Gwyneth has come to enjoy working at the casino, despite her forced servitude. Unlike Mr. Graves and Mr. Tannen, she has little interest in tormenting the casino's patrons, save for stealing a bit of luck here and there from high-rollers. This sliver of humanity has endeared her to Mr. Lynch, who has taken to leaving her in charge of the casino during his visits to check on his other establishments.

1 Gwyneth Maddox
2 Beckoners

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.