Black Rose Wars Summonings: Undead - EN

Black Rose Wars Summonings: Undead - EN
Brand: Ares Games
Product Code: BLRW003
EAN: 8054181514582
Category: Ares Games
License: Ludus Magnus Studio
Language: english
Product Type: Board Game & Extension

Summonings is a series of three all-miniature expansions for Black Rose Wars, which introduces three kinds of summoning creatures: Constructs, Undead, and Demons.
Summonings: Undead is one of these miniature expansions, featuring a set of summoned creatures which your mage can bring into play.
Previously only available in the Kickstarter version of the game, these beautiful figures are now available to upgrade and visually enhance the Black Rose Wars Core Game. They are also a great complement to any fantasy role-playing game.
Each set of miniatures is vastly different from the others. The Undead
allow players to lead their personal army of loyal skeleton warriors,
composed by 11 incredible miniatures: Landsknechts (x8, 45mm)
and Bone Knights (x3, 50mm).
Use these miniatures to upgrade your Black Rose Wars Core
Game, or with any other fantasy game!

11 miniatures: 8 Landsknechts, 3 Bone Knights

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