The Army Painter - Zombicide: Zombie Core Paint Set

The Army Painter - Zombicide: Zombie Core Paint Set
Brand: The Army Painter
Product Code: WP8007
EAN: 2580071111112
Category: The Army Painter
License: Zombicide
Product Type: Supplies

This brilliant Warpaints set has been created to give you the 10 most useful colours for painting your favourite type of walking/shambling dead. The colour palette provides all the tones needed for any type of Zombie and includes both a Shader and a special formulated "Glistening Blood" paint, so you can smear your zombie miniatures in the remains of their unfortunate victims in proper, gory fashion.

Free brush included!
- Zombie Skin
- Wasted Jeans
- Glistening Blood
- Mouldy Clothes
- Dead Black
- Crusted Sore
- Brainmatter Beige
- Dirt Spatter
- Filthy Suit
- Zombie Shader

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