Village Attacks: Artifacts - EN

Village Attacks: Artifacts - EN
Brand: Grimlord Games
Product Code: VA-AF
Category: Grimlord Games
License: Grimlord Games
Language: english
Product Type: Board Game & Extension

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Yet more devious plots are unfolding in the castle. Artefacts are a new type of Trap that Monsters that bestow even more devious benefits. Mirror Portals that teleport Monsters across the map, Gruesome Blockades that frighten Villagers and halt their advance, Soul Wells that generate experience and Haunted Tombs that drain and give life are all at your disposal!

(PLEASE NOTE: These are sculpted versions of the Artefact cards already included in the Grim Dynasty expansion, and do not add any new gameplay mechanics)


5x Artefact miniatures
● 2 Mirror Portals
● 1 Gruesome Blockade
● 1 Soul Well
● 1 Haunted Tomb

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