UberStax Universal Game Piece Holders Black 10-Pack

UberStax Universal Game Piece Holders Black 10-Pack
Brand: UberStax
Product Code: USBLACK
EAN: 628451976417
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For years, table-top card and token games are a source of joy for many, but also challenges for certain people. From dexterity disabilities from injuries or illnesses, to children struggling to manipulate a hand of cards, many people struggle to enjoy a simple game of cards, or dominoes. And even if you don’t have those issues, we’ve all experienced the struggle of a Scrabble rack with too many tiles right?

But today, that all changes. We’ve taken the concerns and feedback from parents, RPG gamers, and board game players alike and developed a great product that will change your tabletop play experience.

We call it UberStax, a new twist to an old idea. It’s an innovative way to not only save table space for those games that cover up the table (Quirkle anyone?) but also a great solution to managing cards for players. It’s also a simple solution for those who struggle with holding cards or tokens, or want their hands free during a game.

UberStax is an injection molded Universal Game Piece Holder, with a difference. That difference being that UberStax can be built up taller and oriented as needed for any game you wish to play. This is possible thanks to the pins and grooves molded into UberStax. Stax can be built up taller and wider than a single rack, providing ample space for cards, tiles, tokens or anything else you can make fit (Smartphone? Tablet? Score sheet?).

For small games, use two plates to build a single plate rack. Three plates will allow you to go two wide, and six plates to go two wide and two high. There are multiple ways to configure UberStax pieces and the possibilities increase the more plates you have. They can be built horizontally or vertically to accommodate any gameplay scenario or purpose. It all starts with a strong base, which needs to expand to provide stability as more pieces are added to the configuration.

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