Home Alone (Solos en Casa) - EN/SP

Home Alone (Solos en Casa) - EN/SP
Brand: Atomo Games
Product Code: BGSOLOS
EAN: 8437018229055
Category: Various
License: Various
Language: multilingual
Product Type: Card Game

"What do pets do when they are alone at home? Take on the role of Floppy, Valentina, Donatella, Sir Alfred or Pippao Emilio, and participate in a frantic race to get the great loot kept in the fridge.

Each player will be a pet and with the help of the dice, opening and closing doors, and trap cards (banana peel and glue) should hinder the rivals' race to reach the first one. In addition the letters of ""noise"", will create crazy events that can help or don't help to one or more players.

The one who arrives from the door of the house will arrive first at the refrigerator located in the kitchen, win the game.

A very fun race for the whole family and with lots of interaction."