Trick or Boo - EN/SP

Trick or Boo - EN/SP
Brand: Last Level
Product Code: BGTRICK
EAN: 0634438028581
Category: Various
License: Various
Language: multilingual
Product Type: Board Game & Extension

"It's Halloween night, and right after sunset the local ghosts awake and start moving around the houses of the neighborhood. They are the stars of the night, and they know this is one unique opportunity per year to do crazy things and scare the neighbors. And as they do every year, our naughty ghosts will start a competition to see which ghost haunts more houses. Who will be the scariest ghost this Halloween?

Trick or Boo is a family game in which the players are frightening ghosts celebrating the Halloween night as they enjoy the most: scaring the neighbors and haunting their houses! Each turn the players move their ghosts through the houses of the neighborhood, trying to scare the residents by winning fun challenges. If a ghost is able to scare the neighbors, it will gain control over that house. But be careful as the other ghosts could challenge you in order to take your haunted houses from you..."