Hungry Shark - EN/SP

Hungry Shark - EN/SP
Brand: Atomo Games
Product Code: BGHUNGRY
EAN: 8437018229024
Category: Various
License: Various
Language: multilingual
Product Type: Card Game

"It’s lunch time and panic spreads through the ocean. Sharks prey on every single fish that swims the sea and only the octopus cop can stop them. All through this frenzy you will have to be fast enough to escape before ending up in a hungry shark’s belly.

Hungry Shark is a family game for ages +6 with an average game time of 10 minutes. This mad and fun game has three different game styles: “childfish”, “gluttonous shark” and “sea bubbles.”

In this game of visual speed you have to count the number of fish that are saved from the hungry shark. Three decks of cards are placed, first the central card is flipped, and then the two cards of the side decks. You have to consider the position of the fish, the eagle shark and the police octopus. The one who guesses the correct answer will get the 3 cards. The one who at the end of the game has taken more cards will win."