Estado de Sitio - EN/SP/DE

Estado de Sitio - EN/SP/DE
Brand: Elite Games
Product Code: BGESTADO
EAN: 606110897495
Category: Various
License: Various
Language: multilingual
Product Type: Board Game & Extension

With Estado de Sitio we enter in the most dangerous prision on the planet, not only the most dangerous on the planet also the largest... In fact the prision is an entire city.

A city walled and guarded by the army, inside wich the worst kind serving a sentence.

Behind the city walls, criminals ready for anything, able to extort, steal or risk their lives just for a cigarette, are organized to dispute control of the streets and scarce resources that exist in prison.

Our mission will be to lead one of those bands, and with the band, we will try to control most of the prison that we possibly can. But also we will have another mission, we must ensure that our leader going to escape from prison.

We will have to manage each of our scarce resources to can move through the barricades of the city, we will engage in business with goods on the black market, We will learn trades in prison,
we will lost all our money in the casino, we will falsify documents, we will actively seek alliances with corrupt cops.......

But look out!, your band is not the only willing to do anything in the prison, you have to impose
on the rest of bands to achieve your goals.

In this ""boardgame"" only a band can win, only one will get the respect of convicts...

This is a game for 2-4 players, Will you be able to lead a band?