Kung Fu Panda – The Boardgame - EN

Kung Fu Panda – The Boardgame - EN
Brand: Modiphius Entertainment
Product Code: MUH050369
EAN: 5060523341146
Category: Various
License: Modiphius Entertainment
Language: english
Product Type: Board Game & Extension

A furious real time dice rolling miniatures action adventure game where Po and the Furious Five must go on quests to battle villains. Cooperate to overcome obstacles, face off waves of enemies and achieve your goals as a team. Fight against the foe and the clock to save the Valley of Peace and finally defeat Tai Lung!

- Fast gameplay in 10-30 minutes
- Designed to appeal to families as well as geek mum and dads
- Choose your favorite Kung Fu Master to play through the game.
- Massive replay value with 3 different modes, varieties of characters to play as and special moves to try over 9 unique Scenarios.
- Young Masters mode and tutorial Scenarios specifically designed for younger plays
- Official license of the Dreamworks movies


• 12x high detail plastic miniatures – Po, the Furious 5, Tai Lung, Grunts and Wolf Boss.
• 8x Large and 12 small tiles featuring beautiful art of locations from Kung Fu Panda adventures
• 24x high detail plastic minions (Slashers, Spearmen & Grunts)
• 1x 12 card Special Move deck
• 6 Hero Boards
• 4 Dials of Destiny
• 16 Action Dice
• 3 Reference boards
• 16 reversible obstacle and objective tokens
• 30 colored base clips
• 8 health and destiny counters.
• 1x Sand Timer