Dwarf board game - EN

Dwarf board game - EN
Brand: Dragon Dawn Productions
Product Code: DWARF-EN
EAN: 639510694319
Category: Dragon Dawn Productions
License: Dragon Dawn Productions
Language: english
Product Type: Board Game & Extension

In Zanziar, dwarfs dedicate their lives to society. Everything is done for the communal good and dwarfs stoically sacrifice their time - and their lives - for others. Not all dwarfs are created equal though - some are honoured and valued for their greater contributions to dwarfkind.

In Dwarf, you will explore the halls and mineshafts of the mountain as you seek metals, with which to forge spectacular weapons and insignia. Other races are jealous of the dwarfs’ success, however, and you will also have to help protect the Mountain from these monstrous invaders.

Dwarf is a worker placement game played on a dynamic board - each turn sees two of nine available placements change randomly. This ensures that the game is far more tactical than other worker placement games and that every game of Dwarf is unique. 1-3 players can play a game of Dwarf using 1 copy of the game, lasting 30-40 minutes. Alternatively, up to five players can play a game by playing with two copies.

On your turn, you will place your workers to mine metals, defend the mines, or forge metals you have already mined into items. You will compete to accrue the most metal and items but this must be balanced against your responsibilities to society - enemies that are not defended against rob all players of resources. Defending against those enemies, instead of selfishly pursuing your own wealth, not only gives another route to victory but provides opportunities for powerful alternative moves in the game. Will you cooperate with your fellow players and seek glory on the battlefield? Or abandon society and hope the efforts of others protect your riches?