Scratch-Off Poster Board Games Hero Challenge

Scratch-Off Poster Board Games Hero Challenge
Brand: TopScratch
Product Code: TF-HERO01
EAN: 309272257496
Category: Poster / Wallpaper
License: Various
Language: english
Product Type: Merchandise

This scratch-off poster is a Challenge for a Real Board Games Hero!
Complete different fun challenges and improve your skills!
This wall decor is a fun way to spice up your board gaming experience. It includes 40 challenges and 5 skill sets to improve.
A perfect game room decor for every board game geek!
FUN CHALLENGES -- Try playing a non-solo game by yourself or finishing a game in the time specified on the box and many more! For True Geeks: Your previous achievements do not count and you have to complete each challenge from scratch.
UNIQUE ICONS & NAMES -- We wanted to insert as much fun as possible, so each name and icon were meticulously chosen and designed.
A2 SIZE (42.5 cm x 59.7cm / 16.5" x 23.4") -- The perfect size to hang on the wall and see clearly every icon on the poster.
9 STICKERS INCLUDED -- One of them is used as your avatar for this challenge. Others will serve as a fun little bonus to put on other stuff!
How to use it:
1. Choose your avatar from 9 available avatar-stickers and put it on the poster.
2. Complete challenges in any order and scratch them off.
3. Starting from the left, scratch off the skill which is improved by a specific challenge to level up.
What's included?
- 9 sticker-avatars
- 4 pins to put it on the wall
- 1 cloth to wipe off the residue
- 1 acrylic scratcher
- Instruction