Village Attacks - The Wretched Journey - EN

Village Attacks - The Wretched Journey - EN
Brand: Grimlord Games
Product Code: VA-TWJ
Category: Grimlord Games
License: Grimlord Games
Language: english
Product Type: Board Game & Extension

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"Before redemption must come the heinous act that must be redeemed. The monkey king Sun Wukong (Mythic), pig demon Zhu Bajie (Cursed), sand demon Sha Wujing (Demon) and white dragon prince Ao Lie (Arcane) all have committed truly hideous acts, earning them their place in the castle amongst the other monsters. Yet there’s is a story of redemption, and these monster may also appear as heroes of legend to fight against the ghastly inhabitants of the castle!


4x large Monster miniatures
● Sun Wukong
● Zhu Bajie
● Sha Wujing
● Ao Lie
4x Monster dashboards
4x Legendary Hero dashboards
12x Monster ability tokens"

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