Village Attacks - Dragon Clan - EN

Village Attacks - Dragon Clan - EN
Brand: Grimlord Games
Product Code: VA-DRC
Category: Grimlord Games
License: Grimlord Games
Language: english
Product Type: Board Game & Extension

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"The ancient clan of the Dragon spends their entire lives training to act as one entity. As fluid and mystical as the mighty creatures that they venerate, each member embodies their part of the Dragon. The Head leads the assault and charges into battle with his monstrous shield aloft to terrify their enemies and draw first blood. The Body follows close behind and strikes down all that cross their path with lightning speed and deadly purpose. Finally, the Tail follows in the rear, carrying a devastating payload that obliterates anything with the intensity of the mightiest of Dragon's breath. To witness the Dragon Clan's beautiful and terrifying dance of death in the flesh is truly a stunning spectacle, though not one that many have walked away from to tell.


14x Dragon clan miniatures
● 2 Head of the Dragon
● 5 Body of the Dragon #1
● 5 Body of the Dragon #2
● 2 Tail of the Dragon
5x Dragon Clan Villager Spawn cards"

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