Starfinder Half-Elf Steward - EN

Starfinder Half-Elf Steward - EN
Brand: Archon Studio
Product Code: PSF0005
EAN: 5901414670283
Category: Archon Studio
License: Starfinder
Language: english
Product Type: Game & RPG Miniatures

The Stewards operate as elite warrior-diplomats tasked with maintaining the tenuous alliance binding the Pact Worlds together. When new Stewards are sworn in, they renounce all allegiance to their former organizations or home worlds, dedicating their lives instead to protecting the Pact and its citizens.

While not every group appreciates the Stewards’ meddling, in general their high-minded neutrality is seen as heroic, and even rank-and-file Stewards are admired for their skills and code of conduct.