Rory's Story Cubes - Astro - EN

Rory's Story Cubes - Astro - EN
Brand: Asmodee
Product Code: RSC31
EAN: 3558380067252
Category: Asmodee
License: Rory's Story Cubes
Language: english
Product Type: Dice

Roll the dice and invent stories full of twists and turns, including drawn symbols.

With each of these Story Cubes, discover different objects, characters, places and animals to associate in original stories. Mix them up, play them independently, the important thing is to create stories!

Mysterious, exciting, primitive, in the stars, heroic, there is one and only one limit: your imagination!

This set includes 9 new dice with 54 action pictures or "picto-verbs". This extension can be played alone or in combination...

Sent wonderfully packaged, this incredible Dice Game will be sent swiftly and before you know it, it will be sitting proudly on your desk and receiving admiring comments from all your family, friends and colleagues!