Rajas of the Ganges Goodie-Box 1 - EN/DE

Rajas of the Ganges Goodie-Box 1 - EN/DE
Brand: HUCH! & friends
Product Code: 881069
EAN: 4260071881069
Category: Huch! & Friends
License: Hutter
Language: multilingual
Product Type: Board Game & Extension

"In The Great Mogul's Coffers, you will find diverse mini-expansions and modules
that you can use to enrich and vary your basic Rajas of the Ganges game.
This coffer (Goodie Box 1) contains 3 Ganges modules that were previously published as parts of limited edition runs of the ""Brettspieladventskalender"" (Board Game Advent Calendar) and the ""Deutsche Spielepreis Goodie Box"": Mango Village, Shalimar Gardens (Snake Expansion), and Tiger Expansion. In addition, the modules The Test of Fate and The Gemstone Trader are at your disposal, plus 2 new tiles each for Mango Village and for the river.All modules are mutually compatible. "