Cypher System The Stars Are Fire - EN

Cypher System The Stars Are Fire - EN
Brand: Monte Cook Games
Product Code: MCG209
EAN: 9781939979995
Category: Monte Cook Games
License: Monte Cook Games
Language: english
Product Type: Gamebook

A starship of unknown provenance, adrift and powerless, falls into a nearby orbit. An alien disease causes people to slowly lose interest in life—then take root like a plant. An envoy from another dimension brings warning of a pending catastrophe.

It’s your campaign. Where will it lead you? What will happen? The Cypher System is the fast, flexible, elegant game engine that powers any campaign you can imagine. This book adds creatures, rules, character options, loads and loads of gear, and other tools optimized for any science-fiction campaign. Plus a complete, ready-to-use hard sci-fi setting!