Black Seas: Spanish Navy Fleet (1770 - 1830) - EN

Black Seas: Spanish Navy Fleet (1770 - 1830) - EN
Brand: Warlord Games
Product Code: 792013001
EAN: 5060572505339
Category: Black Seas
License: Warlord Games
Language: english
Product Type: Board Game & Extension

Boxed set containing plastic, metal & resin kits and game components.

The Spanish Navy was the largest in the world at the outset of the 1700s, though this diminished to third-largest as the century wore on.
The box contains:
6 plastic brigs
3 plastic frigates
3 plastic third rates
One resin and metal first rate
Metal figureheads and backplates for 6 famous Spanish Navy Ships
Spanish Navy Flags, Sails, Ratline sheets, Bobbin for Rigging, Game cards and Wake markers