Black Seas: Royal Navy Fleet (1770 - 1830) - EN

Black Seas: Royal Navy Fleet (1770 - 1830) - EN
Brand: Warlord Games
Product Code: 792011001
EAN: 5060572505162
Category: Black Seas
License: Warlord Games
Language: english
Product Type: Board Game & Extension

Boxed set containing plastic, resin and metal kits plus game components.
In the late 18th Century the British Navy was a mighty maritime force and Britannia ruled the waves
This set contains enough models to make a 16 ship fleet:
Three Frigates (HMS Euralys, HMS Indefatigable and HMS Naiad),
Three 74 gun 3rd Rate ships (HMS Mars, HMS Ajax and HMS Minotaur),
A devastating 100 gun 1st Rate ship
Six Brigs
A gunboat squadron.
Game components.