Dungeonology - Erasmus Expansion Box - EN

Dungeonology - Erasmus Expansion Box - EN
Brand: Ares Games
Product Code: DNXP11-ER
EAN: 8052282850080
Category: Ares Games
License: Ares Games
Language: english
Product Type: Board Game

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Erasmus is the first expansion for Dungeonology, increasingyour choice of Scholars and expanding the game up to6 players.Inside this expansion you will find 4 new scholars each coming from a different part of the world: Habibi theShaman comes from the Nubian region of Africa. Raoul the Brave comes from Madrid, Spain.Meher the Artist comes from Calcutta, India. And Ichcauipilli, whowears the Tenochtitlan armor, comes from the place wenow know as Mexico City.Inside the box you will find new Scholar cards, 4 wonderful models,their note boards, and all the tokens you need tomanage their special abilities.

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