BoxGods - Titan Rev 2 Deck Box – Black

BoxGods - Titan Rev 2 Deck Box – Black
Brand: BoxGods
Product Code: TITAN-W-BK
EAN: 0708296059435
Category: Storage Boxes
License: BoxGods
Product Type: Deck Box

Order Deadline: 15.09.2019

A metal deck box with a card capacity of 110 double sleeved cards.

Box dimensions: 136x92x77mm
Dice box dimensions: 30x69x84mm

Machined: 6000 series all aluminum body and lids with 3mm wall thickness

Ventilated: clear 3mm acrylic divider between the card and dice bays for desiccant pack.

Recessed: commander card displaywindow to reduce scuffing (on both sides)

Anodized: (including the logo) for maximum durability-- no inferior paint or silk screen.

Custom: pressed in (no glue to fail) nickel plated rare earth magnets--8 per lid.

Air channels in the card bay working in conjunction with laser cut 1mm ventilation holes in the acrylic dice box divider allow the customer-- if desired-- to keep a small desciccant packet in the box that will draw moisture from the card bay.

The B Series products (also referred to as the TITAN line) feature all
aluminum construction with 3mm wall thickness. Lids are held in place
with 8 nickel plated N-52 rare earth magnets. The exterior is bead
blasted to a matte finish and anodized--including the logo's--to reduce
fingerprints and for extreme durability.

TITAN includes an attached dice box large enough for the larger spin-
down dice preferred by Commander players. It has a ventilated acrylic
divider between the dice and card areas that allows for the use of a
desiccant packet in the dice area to keep cards dry and particularly to
help protect foil cards. There are also ventilation channels down the
sides to help with air flow. Our TITAN line is designed primarily for
MTG Commander players who prefer a larger box without a sideboard
capable of holding 110 double sleeved cards.