Dungeon Degenerates: Hand of Doom - EN

Dungeon Degenerates: Hand of Doom - EN
Brand: Goblinko
Product Code: G33303
EAN: 33303
Category: Goblinko
License: Goblinko
Language: english
Product Type: Board Game & Extension

Dungeon Degenerates puts the players into the boots of hardened criminal adventurers, escaping from the dungeons of Brüttelburg into a deranged, demented, dark-fantasy world of swords, sausages & sorcery. Players attempt to make their way through a series of interconnected weird, nasty & mysterious adventures as the world of the Würstreich gets progressively more dangerous & the Hand of Doom descends - distorting the land with evil sorcery. Profusely illustrated by Sean Äaberg with hundreds of new drawings with inspired game design by Eric Radey - Dungeon Degenerates is poised like a demonic vulture to change the face of fantasy forever.


24” x 24” full color game board
8 playable adventurer character cards which come with their own items & abilities
standees & stands of each adventurer
150 Monster cards divided into five decks by map region
60 Encounter cards divided into four decks by map region
12 Epic Monster cards
84 Loot cards
12 Epic Loot cards
134 American Standard Mini-Cards -
28 Doom cards
36 Skill cards
36 Danger cards
14 Triumph cards
24 Weakness cards
6 dice
300+ counters
92 25mm counters & the Hand of Doom!
36 page the Rules
20 page the Missions
2 Reference cards

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