Pathfinder Adventure Path: Tomorrow Must Burn (Age of Ashes 3 of 6) 2nd Edition - EN

Pathfinder Adventure Path: Tomorrow Must Burn (Age of Ashes 3 of 6) 2nd Edition - EN
Brand: Paizo Publishing
Product Code: PZO90147
EAN: 9781640781917
Category: Pathfinder RPG
License: Pathfinder
Language: english
Product Type: Books / Partworks

The Age of Ashes Adventure Path continues! In defeating the treacherous
Cult of Cinders, the heroes discover a nefarious group pulling the cult’s
strings — a mysterious merchant’s guild called the Scarlet Triad. Following
clues and utilizing another portal found below their castle on Hellknight Hill, the heroes come to the recently founded nation of Ravounel, where they
must stand against the Scarlet Triad as the group attempts to establish an
underground slave trade. But as the heroes clash more and more with the Scarlet Triad, it becomes increasingly apparent the slavers have even more
sinister plans for the Inner Sea region — plans that must be stopped!
Age of Ashes is the first Adventure Path using the brand new rules for the
Pathfinder RPG. This third adventure is for 9th - level characters, and also
includes a gazetteer to the newly formed nation of Ravounel, an exploration
of the dragons of the world, a wealth of new options for player characters to
discover (from magic items, spells, and feats, to a new class archetype), and
more than half a dozen new monsters!
Each monthly full - color softcover Pathfinder Adventure Path volume contains
an in - depth adventure scenario, stats for several new monsters, and support
articles meant to give Game Masters additional material to expand their
campaign. Pathfinder Adventure Path volumes use the Open Game License
and work with both the Pathfinder RPG and the world’s oldest fantasy RPG.