WW2 Wings of Glory – Squadron Pack: Junkers Ju.88 A-1 (KG77) - EN

WW2 Wings of Glory – Squadron Pack: Junkers Ju.88 A-1 (KG77) - EN
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The Junkers Ju.88 A-1, originally designed as a light and a dive-bomber, was also used as a night-fighter, a torpedo bomber, and a special mission aircraft. The A-1 version was equipped with offensive forward-firing
machine guns and it was able to dive bomb, being equipped with air brakes. Even if it proved to be able to face Allied fighters, its
defensive armaments were poor and its bomb load was inadequate
for its original purposes, and afterwards its rear firing dorsal gun was
reinforced and a fifth gun was added in the lower nose.
The Kampfgeschwader 77 was a Luftwaffe bomber wing that fought
in all the major combat fronts all over Europe during WW2. They used
all major German bomber types; though the most used was Junkers
Ju.88 A.
This WW2 Wings of Glory® Squadron Pack includes one ready–to–play model,
painted and assembled; a decal sheet to customize your model as one of the
airplanes from a famous squadron; and everything you need to play (special base with gaming stats, altitude stands, and a deck of airplane, skill and maneuver cards) with the model.
one 1/200 scale model, decal sheet, flight stand with game stats, 4 altitude stands, airplane card, maneuver and special cards.
This is not a complete game. You must own a WW2 Wings of
Glory — Rules and Accessories Pack or a Starter Set to play.

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