City of Mist Premium Slipcase Set - EN

City of Mist Premium Slipcase Set - EN
Brand: Modiphius Entertainment
Product Code: MUH051758
EAN: 608614249091
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Language: english
Product Type: Gamebook

“Hit the rainy streets of an enigmatic metropolis as a modern-day legend in search for the truth”.
City of Mist Players Guide
Everything essential for players of City of Mist, both old and new - an introduction to the setting, tools for creating unique modern fantasy characters, the complete cinematic game rules, and a dramatic character development system.

City of Mist Master of Ceremonies Toolkit
It includes step-by-step guides for creating and running your own City of Mist series, as well as ample ready-to-play content: challenges, adversaries, arch-villains, and a full case - "Gambling With Death" - so you can start playing right off the bat.

City of Mist MC Screen
Three-part illustrated MC (GM) screen contains summarized rules for quick reference, status and MC moves suggestions, and narration tips for creating a captivating ‘noir’ atmosphere.
The new books contain exactly the same content as the original Core Book, with the following exceptions:
● The MC Toolkit contains a full ready-to-play case, Gambling With Death, that is only presented as an outline example in the original Core Book.
● The new books have the Yellow Pages - summary and reference pages at the start of every chapter.
● The content in the new books is arranged differently, with setting materials moved mostly to the MC Toolkit and the Core Moves appearing before Game Resources in the rules chapter.
● The new books contain some corrections to errors found in the original Core Book