Rescue Animals - EN

Rescue Animals - EN
Brand: Board&Dice
Product Code: STR010
EAN: 6425453000973
Category: Board&Dice
License: Board&Dice
Language: english
Product Type: Card Game

In Rescue Animals, you take on the role of a wildlife conservation specialist. It is your job to rescue and protect endangered animals from all over the world! Each animal you save is worth a number of Protection Points which you will score at the end of the game. By collecting pairs of animals, your conservation efforts are rewarded with bonus Protection Points. The wildlife conservation specialist who has collected the most Protection Points is the winner of Rescue Animals!

Each round, a number of Endangered Animal cards will be placed face up in the center of the table, within clear view of all players. After giving all players a moment to study the animals, the current Conservation Leaders will call out: Ready, Set, Go! All players will now start rolling their dice. There is no specific turn order. You may roll and reroll your dice as quickly as you want. If some of your just-rolled dice match the Dice Requirements of the Endangered Animal you are trying to rescue, you may set these aside while continuing to roll and reroll any remaining dice. At any point, if you have managed to collect all dice necessary to meet the Dice Requirements of one of the Endangered Animals, loudly call out: Rescuing! After collecting the animal, the other players will resume attempting to rescue one of the remaining Endangered Animals.

Each round, new cards will be drawn, presenting the players with new challenges and more animals to rescue. Most cards depict a dice requirement consisting of one black die and two or more white dice. However, a few Endangered Animals have special requirements that must be met.

At the end of the game, for each Endangered Animal you rescued, score a number of Protection Points as indicated on the card. Score additional bonus points for every pair of identical Endangered Animals you collected. The player who scored the most Protection Points is the winner!

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