Cargo Express - EN

Cargo Express - EN
Brand: Compass Games
Product Code: 2002
EAN: 8594054919347
Category: Compass Games
License: Compass Games
Language: english
Product Type: Board Game

Sparks will fly from beneath the wheels of your locomotive as you try to out-plan, out-think, and out-strategize your opponents, as you move the right cargo, to the right place, at the right time....

With rules included in both English and German, and Yes! We´re EU and US friendly.

Cargo Express is mechanically simple, however, planning the best moves is complex. Moreover, each player has to cope with always changing conditions.

1 Mounted game board
76 Playing cards (36 Planning, 18 Contract, 16 Locomotive, 5 Character, 1 Start player)
4 Wooden locomotives
45 Wooden cubes in 5 colors
1 Cloth bag
15 Cardboard playing tiles
4 Players aids (1 per player)
2 Rules booklets (1 English and 1 German)
1 Box and lid set