FFG - Descent 2nd Ed: Shadow of Nerekhall - EN

FFG - Descent 2nd Ed: Shadow of Nerekhall - EN
Brand: Fantasy Flight Games
Product Code: FFGDJ07
EAN: 9781616617882
Category: Descent
License: Fantasy Flight Games
Language: english
Product Type: Board Game & Extension

Recovered from its times of trouble and under heavy threat from the Daqan Lords, the city of Nerekhall stands firm in its declaration: “The shadow has passed.” Yet sinister forces continue to build strength within the hidden corners of the city. They prepare for the day soon to come when Nerekhall, the baronies, and all of Terrinoth will tremble before their might.

Shadow of Nerekhall is an expansion for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition, inviting players to enter the city of Nerekhall – a thriving town with an evil reputation. This expansion introduces new heroes, classes, quests, monsters, and more, as the heroes travel through the city, attempting to save it from the demonic creatures entering Nerekhall from the Black Realm.

Shadow of Nerekhall includes:

1 rulebook and Campaign guide
46 double-sided map tiles
16 plastic figures
over one-hundred new cards and 4 hero sheets
33 tokens
and more!

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