Race for the Chinese Zodiac: The Cat Expansion - EN

Race for the Chinese Zodiac: The Cat Expansion - EN
Brand: Capstone Games
Product Code: SC1005
EAN: 31632
Category: Capstone Games
License: Capstone Games
Language: english
Product Type: Board Game & Extension

On the night before the Great Race, the Cat reminded his best friend the Rat to wake it up in the morning so that they could participate in the race together. Early the next morning, the Rat was pestering the groggy cat to wake up. Tried as it might, the Cat remained unmoved. The Ox was fixated on achieving number one in the race and urged the Rat to forget about the Cat and get moving. So off they went.

Just as the Jade Emperor declared the final results to close the day's proceedings, the careless Cat huffed its way across the finish line. It immediately inquired about the position it had finished. The Jade Emperor gravely shook his head and informed the Cat that it was too late and had not made it into the top 12. Extremely angered by the result, the Cat turned on the Rat with its sharp claws, accusing it of not waking the Cat up for the race as promised. The Rat immediately scurried away to save its own life.

As a result of this little drama, though the Rat made it into first place in the Chinese Zodiac, it would spend most of its time hiding from the Cat in dark holes or ceiling beams, fearing the Cat's vengeance.