Bon Appetit! - EN

Bon Appetit! - EN
Brand: Board&Dice
Product Code: STR008
EAN: 6425453000799
Category: Board&Dice
License: Board&Dice
Language: english
Product Type: Card Game

In Bon Appetit you will compete against other players to have the most exquisite meal of the evening. Each turn you will use gems to bid on dishes against the other players, which the winner will place before them. Each dish you collect will earn you points at the end of the game. Many dishes also grant bidding discounts in future auctions. When all dishes have been auctioned off, the evening will come to a close, and the player with the most valuable dishes is the winner!

13 x Dish Cards,
20 x gems (5 in each of 4 colours),
1 x Gem Card,
1 x cloth bagg
1 x rulebook

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