Pass the Pandas - EN

Pass the Pandas - EN
Brand: Ultra Pro
Product Code: PLE18400
EAN: 803004184000
Category: Ultra Pro
License: Ultra Pro
Language: english
Product Type: Board Game & Extension

Be the first to get rid of all of your dice in Pass the Pandas by rolling pandas, bamboo, or water drops. A player who rolls pandas on her turn is able to pass those dice to other players. A roll of bamboo must be matched (or exceeded!) by the next player. A roll of water allows her to discard those dice. A blank roll does nothing to help her, and she must keep blank dice to roll again on her next turn.
The Fast & Fun Dice Game that's pure Panda-monium!
Be the first to get rid of all of your dice to win the game!
Roll pandas and you can pass those dice to the other players.
Roll water and it evaporates from the game.
You need to roll at least as much bamboo as the previous player, otherwise you have to take some of theirs.

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