Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! - EN

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! - EN
Brand: Ultra Pro
Product Code: PLE18420
EAN: 803004184208
Category: Close out
License: Ultra Pro
Language: english
Product Type: Board Game & Extension

The fiercest creatures become the most fun when you play Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Roll the dice and score based on who can boast the best beasts. Kingly lions are worth three points, Tigers nab two points, and Bears bring one point each. If you roll a blank, Oh My!, that die is removed from play.

You can only score one type of animal per turn, so choose wisely.
Can you amass the most amazing menagerie of all?
Contents: 25 Custom Dice and Instructions
2 to 5 players
10 minute playing time
Ages 6+

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