Vault of Dragons: Blessing of the Gods - EN

Vault of Dragons: Blessing of the Gods - EN
Brand: Gale Force Nine
Product Code: 74005
EAN: 9420020242791
Category: Gale Force Nine
License: Dungeons & Dragons
Language: english
Product Type: Board Game & Extension

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The temples of Waterdeep are as numerous as the gods of the
realms. From gilded temples frequented by nobility to chilling
altars deep underground, divine power courses through the
foundations of the city.
This expansion adds Clerics, Blessing Tokens, and five new
Dungeon/Location tiles to your game of Vault of Dragons™.

Included are:
5 Double-sided
10 Treasure Cards
10 Magic Item Cards
8 Plastic Figures
4 d8 Dice
18 Tokens
1 Rules Insert