Pathfinder Flip-Tiles: Urban Sewers Expansion

Pathfinder Flip-Tiles: Urban Sewers Expansion
Brand: Paizo Publishing
Product Code: PZO4081
EAN: 9781640781535
Category: Pathfinder RPG
License: Pathfinder
Product Type: Play Mat

Sometimes the fastest way to traverse the city is to move under it! Flip-Tiles: Urban Sewers Expansion is the newest expansion to Flip-Tiles: Urban Starter Set. With 24 full-color 6 x 6-inch double-sided tiles, each stunningly crafted by cartographer Jason A. Engle, you can wade through the muck, balance along the side passages, and find the hidden lairs of wererats, cults, or worse. All perfect for the next time the heroes decide a sewer crawl is in order!

Suitable for experienced GMs and novices alike, this product fits perfectly into any Game Master's arsenal. Wet, dry, and permanent markers erase from the tiles! These double-sided dungeon tiles come in convenient packaging for easy storage.