Fire in the Library - EN

Fire in the Library - EN
Brand: Weird Giraffe Games
Product Code: GIR-WGG0004
EAN: 752830068568
Category: Close out
License: Weird Giraffe Games
Language: english
Product Type: Board Game & Extension

Fire! The books are aflame and history is burning before your very eyes! Save what you can in this stunning 30 minute game for 1-6 players. Easy to Learn: Simple enough for kids to play and enjoy, with depth and strategy that will keep serious gamers coming back. Increasing Intensity: Books increase in value all the way until the end but no one knows who will take the last turn. Players must decide if they should save tools for an epic late game point swing or grab points now to take an early lead. AI Variants: Experience the excitement of Fire in the Library on your own with the solo game or spice up a multi-player match by adding new challengers.