Stellar Leap - EN

Stellar Leap - EN
Brand: Weird Giraffe Games
Product Code: GIR02000
EAN: 19962391705
Category: Weird Giraffe Games
License: Weird Giraffe Games
Language: english
Product Type: Board Game & Extension

Stellar Leap is a space exploration game for 1-5 players with worker placement, variable player powers, & a strategic twist on dice rolling in about an hour. Earn prestige by completing missions, discovering new planets, increasing population, and fulfilling your hidden objective. Variable player powers and game-changing events mean that every game is as different as the planets in our galaxy! Supports Multiple Play Styles: Based on who is playing, Stellar Leap can be semi-cooperative, really aggressive, or somewhere in between and you can win by playing in any of those ways. Custom Game Length: Change the play time easily by increasing or decreasing the number of events to complete the game. Player Choice Matters: Choose your player power and hidden trait to help support your specific strategy, designate which planets and asteroids to place where they'll benefit you the most, and choose when the game ends by either causing events to trigger or avoiding them. AI Variants: Experience the galaxy of Stellar Leap against a variety of opponents on your own or add an AI to your two player games to simulate the three or four player game.