Miraris - EN

Miraris - EN
Brand: Japanime Games
Product Code: JPG472
EAN: 0703558838834
Category: Japanime Games
License: Japanime Games
Language: english
Product Type: Card Game 2

As you gaze into the antique mirror, a strange and wonderful land comes into focus. A world of mystery awaits within the mirror's reflection.

You are not alone there; another figure stands beside you. Beyond the weathered frame, there is only beauty; beauty that beckons you into the world of dreams. All you have to do is reach for it...

Discover the secrets of the Dream World, reflected in the antique mirror, as you explore its many Wonders. The Wonders, however, can only be visited by one person at a time. As you travel, you will find friends among the inhabitants of the Dream World.