Flames of War: Panther Tank Platoon

Flames of War: Panther Tank Platoon
Brand: Gale Force Nine
Product Code: GBX126
EAN: 9420020245174
Category: Gale Force Nine
License: Flames of War
Language: english
Product Type: Board Game & Extension

Includes two resin and plastic Panther tanks, one plastic Tank Commander sprue and three Unit cards.

Operation Citadel was delayed to allow time for the Panther tank to make its way to the front Though a high priority was put on the new tank production was delayed due to a lack of specialized machine tools needed for the hull. The first tanks came off the production line in December 1942. The long 7.5cm gun and 100mm of frontal armour on the Panther easily outperformed Allied or Soviet tanks on the field, giving the German crews a sense of invulnerability. The Panther was the most formidable of the German medium tanks and packed one hell of a punch. It was armed with the 7.5cm Rheinmetall KwK42 (L/70). It carried 79 rounds in the tank.