Kings of War - Giant

Kings of War - Giant
Brand: Mantic Games
Product Code: MGKWH401
EAN: 5060469663722
Category: Mantic Games
License: Mantic Games
Product Type: Game & RPG Miniatures

A giant is a huge humanoid, a veritable mountain of bone, sinew, and
flesh with a massive appetite. The brain of a giant is way too small to
properly control the creature’s huge body. However, when goaded in
the right direction, these dumb brutes are a terrible threat to any
This immense plastic model measures almost 19cm tall and includes
a range options for customising your giant – perfect if you want to
field two or more! You can take this as a unit in either an orc, goblins,
or ogre army in your games of Kings of War.
Contents: 1 Multipart Plastic Giant with a choice of two heads and
four different arms, with 75mm Square Base. Made from plastic and
supplied unassembled and unpainted.