Fortresses & Clans - EN

Fortresses & Clans - EN
Brand: River Horse
Product Code: ALCTRJ02
EAN: 3760251090065
Category: River Horse
License: River Horse
Language: english
Product Type: Board Game

Fortresses & Clans is a two-player card game in which each player is a clan leader who oversees their troops and warmachines with the help of their clan members in order to destroy the opponent's fortress.

You'll have to draft your army cards with your opponent, place them on the good spots on your own fortress, and then activate them by using your clan cards wisely.

• 118 cards, including
- 4 «Chatelain» cards
- 2 «keep» cards
- 24 «clan» cards
- 24 «war machine» cards
- 64 «troop» cards
• 1 timeline
• 2 time tokens
• 12 highwall sheets
• 10 damage tokens
All this treasure contained in a premium box with magnetic clasp.